Small business owners should have access to excellent personalized legal and business advice at an affordable price.

CounselRight gives small business owners access to lawyers who have years of experience advising businesses, including former General Counsel and Chief Legal Officers to companies ranging from start-ups and technology companies to multinational companies.

Self-help solutions usually provide forms and templates, but not legal advice (read their disclaimers and you’ll see exactly how true this is). Large law firms provide effective legal advice, but with partners charging $500+ per hour, and associates coming in at $300+ per hour, hiring a law firm is usually not a practical solution for most small businesses.

Of course, you could hire an in-house attorney, which usually costs less (per-hour) than hiring outside counsel, but small businesses often don’t need a full time in-house attorney. CounselRight is more than self-help but much less expensive than a traditional law firm. We’re here when you need us, providing you with real legal and business advice but without the full time salary or steep hourly rates.

Information contained on our website is intended to provide general legal information only. Our website is not intended to give you legal advice or counsel on any specific legal matter and should not be relied upon in lieu of seeking legal counsel that specifically addresses your facts and/or situation.

Please do not send messages containing confidential or time-sensitive information until you have talked to one of our attorneys and an attorney-client relationship has been formed.

Use of our website, or making inquiries by telephone, e-mail or other communication, does not create an attorney-client relationship. We must determine whether any potential conflicts of interest exist before establishing an attorney-client relationship. We will then enter into a written contract to establish an attorney-client relationship. As of 03/31/2011 we are representing clients in California and Idaho only. As our list grows of states grows, we will update this notice.

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If your business thrives, you need to be ready to court investors or maybe you’ll want to cash out.  Lenders, investors and buyers expect your business to be set up properly and governed accordingly.  If your business fails (and let’s face it, a lot of businesses do), make sure you don’t put your personal assets in jeopardy.  If your business is a smashing success, then you need to have clearly defined relationships with co-owners, family, friends and other contributors.  Consider this:  when you hit a home run, if you haven’t put things in order, you could be faced with disputes from employees, supposed co-owners and even outsiders.  Have you seen the movie “Social Network”?  If not, rent it and learn about the risks of success.

CounselRight is a new business model dedicated to bringing excellent legal and business advice to small businesses.  We keep our overhead low by using attorneys who can telecommute (i.e., work from anywhere with a computer, a mobile phone and an internet connection).  No marble floors.  No high rise offices.  No million-dollar salaries.  And no associate-sweat-shop pumping money up the food chain.  By taking advantage of technology, we keep our costs low and pass the savings on to you.