How Small Businesses Can Afford In-House Counsel

Most small companies look at big businesses with envy. They sell more product, make more money, and the executives generally take home a much fatter paycheck. Not to mention the stockholders, whose equity continues to increase.

And you, as the owner of a small business, work hard to grow your company.

One of the advantages that big companies have is in-house legal representation. It’s clear why big companies hire in-house counsel, but can a small company like yours get the same advantage?

Until now, the answer has been “No”. But that’s changing. Here’s how.

Usually, in-house counsel are salaried employees of the companies they work for. They earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, and sometimes more, with bonuses and incentives for company growth. Robert Half Legal reports that in-house counsel with less than 10 years experience earn approximately $173,000 per year!

And that’s just a bit more than most small companies either can afford or want to pay.

And that’s why you’re here at

CounselRight is your part-time in-house counsel. So rather than paying hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for in-house counsel, or tens of thousands of dollars per month for by-the-hour legal advice from your local general attorney, you can get higher-quality business legal services for your small business at a fraction of the cost.

Joining CounselRight gives you three very special advantages over your legal alternatives:

1) Our attorneys are 100% business attorneys. We don’t chase ambulances or handle divorces. And because we specialize in business, we can help your business better.

2) We become your in-house counsel on a part-time, flat fee basis. You pay a single, small flat fee for service, and that’s it. Then, we’re available to you at almost any time for almost any reason, and you won’t get a bill for hours worked.

3) Our incentive is to solve your problem, not to create billable hours. Our goals are aligned with your goals — to grow your business.

4) Because we’re working for you as in-house counsel, we get to know your business intimately. We’ll know your motivations and your business. Your constraints and your aspirations. We’ll be sitting on your side of the table during your business planning meetings and contract negotiations.

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